About Us

We are members of :
National Cockatiel Society
American Cockatiel Society
Nation’s Capital Avian Society
American Federation of Aviculture

Our aviary was established in 2021 in Maryland. Our goal is to raise exhibition quality birds, hand tame pets and keep an overall healthy and happy aviary where our birds can thrive, socialize and build bonds with each other and us. All of our cockatiels are closed banded NCS 21C.

Our birds live in a large indoor free flight aviary together and are only separated during pairing and raising their clutches to give them privacy, safety and time to focus on their babies. Our hens are only allowed to lay up to two clutches per year with ample time in between each clutch to avoid depletion and exhaustion.

We will raise a very limited number each year of hand tamed babies available to pet homes, however breeding birds towards our goals in exhibition is our main goal. We want to provide those looking for a pet cockatiel with an excellent experience with their cockatiel and a bird they can begin their bond with right away. This means we spend a lot of time each day with our babies. It has never been nor will ever be a goal to “make money” off of our birds. Any income we receive from selling our birds goes directly back to our aviary to help provide their high quality diet, enrichment toys and upgraded housing. Our birds are part of our family, and each baby they give us is a gift and not an entitlement.