Baby Cockatiels

Fall 2022 Babies!

We had an amazing ending to the 2022 year with our breeding program!

We decided to put 5 pairs together as we were under the assumption that not all five would pair and produce. Well, we were happily wrong! All five pairs bonded and laid fertile clutches within the month of September. So we have been quite busy!

King (91J) x Grisha

King (pied /pearl) x Grisha (white face pearl /pied) produced 3 beautiful babies, 2 normals and one pearl pied. All three babies will be split white face. Normals will be split pied and males will be split pearl. We will DNA sex these babies once they are weaned, which will be early December 2022.
So far we have selected babies 42 and 43 to retain for our program. This is subject to change as they grow and develop.

Manichean (91J) x Madeira (77T)

Manichean (white face /pearl,lutino) and Maderia (cinnamon pearl /white face) produced three babies, 2 white face and one pearl. These are large babies (the oldest weighed 120 grams at 4 weeks old!). Males will be split pearl and cinnamon and the pearl baby is split white face. We will DNA sex these babies once weaned in early December.
So far we have selected all three babies to retain for our program. This is subject to change as they grow and develop.

Echo x Avalon (68R)

Echo (pearl /pied) x Avalon (pied) produced five babies. This is a sex linked pair which means we can visually sex their babies. Babies 44, 45 and 48 are light pied males, babies 46 and 47 are pearl pied females.
We are retaining baby 46 for our program. This is subject to change as the babies continue to grow and develop.

Elvis (91J) x Limon

Elvis (normal /wf, lut, cinn, prl) x Limon (lutino /wf) produced several babes but unfortunately this was not a successful clutch. One baby (normal) and a foster baby they raised are all that remains of this clutch. We continue to work the remaining biological baby through stunting and yeast issues and hope for a full recovery. Their foster baby, and cinnamon pearl, is thriving and doing great! Photos and updates to come.

Citrine (58Y) x Queen (58Y)

Citrine (heavy pied /wf, prl) x Queen (pearl pied /wf) produced several babies but they also struggled with their clutch as first time parents. They have one remaining biological baby that is a heavy pearl pied and are also fostering two other babies. One foster baby is from Yoshi x Cho Oyu (our best guess on the hen, an unplanned pairing in our aviary. We had put Yoshi in the hens cage and he bred a couple females and they laid eggs in the food bowls) and the other is a second clutch from Manichean x Madeira that she randomly laid the day her first baby hatched. The timing worked out for hatching within a few days of Citrine x Queen’s clutch hatching, so we were able to save these two babies.
As of 11/14, these babies are still with their parents so I do not have updated photos and will share once they are pulled for handfeeding!

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