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Spring 2023 Babies!

This year we are limited on pairings as we are returning to the midwest this summer!

We put two pairs together in early January, and then another pair in February. We are hoping to be able to be situated in our new home to resume pairing in the fall, but for now our flock will enjoy a break from the baby raising life.

Legacy (13Y) x Avalon (68R)

Our gorgeous male Legacy finally became of age to breed and we paired him with Avalon, who raised a clutch of five babies in October of 2022. Normally we would not pair a hen so close together, but since she had only laid one clutch in 2022 and will break until either fall of 2023 or spring of 2024, we knew she would be healthy enough to have another clutch.

Legacy and Avalon laid five eggs which all hatched. We did lose one baby at 22 days of age due to crop issues, but the remaining four have thrived and at the time of this post are 7 weeks old. We will be retaining two of the babies, and two will be available to pet homes once weaned, likely around late March or early April. These babies have been slower weaners, they are eating seed/pellet and chop (fresh greens) well but are still on 2-3 feedings a day. Keep an eye on our Available Birds page for more info, and join our waitlist if you haven’t already.

Applejack (93B) x Carmody Del (91J)

This was Applejack’s first pairing, they had two babies. Males often struggle with their first clutch but do much better on future clutches, as the first clutch is a learning process. They had one normal and one cinnamon female. We will be retaining the cinnamon female, and the other baby will be available once weaned also towards the end of April. These photos are from around 5 weeks old, but they are now around 7 weeks old.

Manichean (91J) x Madeira (77T)

Manichean “Manny” and Madeira had three babies this clutch. This will actually be Manny’s last clutch, he is an excellent father but we are now working with different bloodlines. But he will stay in our aviary and get to form a bond with one of our other retired birds of his choosing and live out his days. Madeira will be paired with a different male, either this fall or spring of 2024. Two of their babies are normal and one is white face. We haven’t determined if we will keep any of these babies or if they will be available to pet homes (too soon to tell). We have retained a full sibling from this pair from last year.

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