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Summer 2022 Babies!

Our summer babies started to arrive mid May, which is technically not summer but close enough!

Please join our Wait List on our Available Birds page to be notified when our babies are available for their forever homes.

Echo x Ametrine
Proud parents Echo and Ametrine had 2 babies in this clutch, one hatched 5/20 and the second hatched 5/22. These are the 5th and 6th babies they have given us, and every single one has been a beautiful pearl pied!
(These babies have been reserved)

Everest x Carmody Dell
We have 2 babies from this pair, hatched 6/7 and 6/11
Everest is a white face cinnamon pied and Carmody Dell is a normal split pied. Their babies will be normals (males) and cinnamons (females). Both parents are National Cockatiel Society banded birds bred by Joshua Maple (91J).
(These babies have been reserved)

King Henry x Grisha
King Henry is a beautiful big pied boy bred by Joshua Maple and NCS banded. Grisha is our little white face pearl lady that is one of the sweetest and tamest birds in our flock.
We have one baby, hatched 6/28/22

NCS 21C 25 22 (King x Grisha)
HD : 6/28/22

Makalu x Lhotse
Makalu is a white face pied and is split to lutino. Lhotse is a white face lutino female. Both of these birds are NCS banded and were bred by Joshua Maple (91J). These babies will be full siblings to our baby Valkyrie.
We have two babies, both white face Lutino! Hatched 7/1 and 7/2.

Babies 21C-22-22 and 21C-23-22

Camden x Cho Oyu
Camden is a Lutino split white face male and Cho Oyu is a white face female. This pair can produce white face and normal males, and white face lutino and lutino females. We are unsure if either bird carries other splits.
First baby hatched 7/15

Please see our Nest Box page for more of our upcoming pairings! We will add them to this post once eggs are confirmed fertile.

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